Is a Chromebook Pro Coming?

Are we going to get a Chromebook Pro? And, what does that mean?

Google is apparently surveying people about what a ‘Chromebook Pro’ should be like

VentureBeat – By: Jordan Novet – “Google appears to be looking into the idea of a ‘Chromebook Pro.’ Through its Google Opinion Rewards app for Android, which gives people Google Play Store credits in exchange for anonymous responses to surveys, Google asked some people a few questions about a ‘Chromebook Pro.’

Two people said as much yesterday on Reddit. Reddit user feetextreme posted a screenshot of one of the questions: ‘How would you think a Chromebook Pro is different than a Chromebook?’ Reddit user jellofort wrote that Google ‘asked what a Chromebook Pro should be like in my opinion and what type of people would want to use it.’

The word ‘Pro’ would imply a high-end laptop running Chrome OS, just like, say, the MacBook Pro or the Surface Pro 4. But there are many other companies — Asus, Dell, HP, and Samsung, among others — that make Chromebooks, along with Google. It isn’t clear from these survey questions if Google is thinking about making a Chromebook Pro itself, just as it has made high-end Chromebook Pixel laptops, or if Google is just wondering how consumers would perceive a Chromebook Pro made by a third party.

Meanwhile, Google last month published a job posting entitled ‘Quality Engineer, Chromebook Pixel,’ suggesting that a third generation of that device could be on the way.

In any case, a new type of Chromebook with top-of-the-line specifications could be more enticing to consumers in the coming months, now that it’s becoming possible to use Android apps on Chromebooks.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.”

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