The Chromest Netcast #3 – Video – “Mount Filesystems in Chrome”

How to connect SMB/CIFS, Microsoft OneDrive, SFTP Sites, WebDAV Sites to your Chromebook file system, and the touch-enabled Acer Chromebase is the industry’s first all-in-one Chrome OS desktop with touch display.

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2 thoughts on “The Chromest Netcast #3 – Video – “Mount Filesystems in Chrome””

  1. Just wondering if you were going to include Chromest on your ROKU channel someday? I’m liking what you’ve done with this cast so far (tho I miss Phred sometimes )

    1. Thanks, Mike! Yes, I submitted the change/admission to Roku on the channel, and it was just approved! I got the email this AM. So, you should see it once you do a system update!

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